Welcome to the Book Club!

Hello! Bonjour! Starting in 2011, the Dorchester Memorial Public Library is trying something new — an online book club in blog format. How does it work? Read on ….

Every so often, a new book will be added. Ook will write a post about it. Sometimes this will be from the “Books Worth Another Look” column in the Dorchester Village Newsletter. Sometimes it will be something different. You, the members of Ook’s Book Club, are invited to read the book and take part in an online discussion.

How? Easy! At the bottom of the post is a reply or comment form. Write your thoughts and opinions on the book using that form. Write a review. Ask a question. Ponder the questions it raised in your mind. Enthuse, or tell us why you didn’t like it. You can use your real name or a username. You can respond to other book club members’ comments the same way. Please don’t use too much jargon, argot, cant, or text-speak, because we want this to be accessible to as many members of the community as possible. Keep the discussion going! Your comments won’t appear until Ook has vetted them, but he’ll do his best to check them once a week.

You’ll be able to find old posts by looking in the archives by month, or by searching on the title in using the search form and the “this site” button up top. There’s no time limit for reading or commenting on a book.

All the books will be titles available through the New Brunswick Public Library service. You can browse the catalogue and even place holds on books (if you live in NB and have a library card) here. All ages can take part, so please keep your comments appropriate for a public venue. (Remember, Ook is reading them all.) Soon there will be post containing suggested discussion questions for fiction and non-fiction. Just remember to post your book discussion comments as a reply to the title, not in replies to the “how to” post or the lists of questions.

So … please join us.


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