Outcasts of River Falls, by Jacqueline Guest

Guest Review by Hannah Grant

Sequel to Belle of Batoche, this novel follows the adventures of Kathryn Tourond through the death of her parents and the changes in her lifestyle that result from it. Kathryn was raised as an upperclass white girl, uninformed of her father’s Métis roots. Now an orphan, she is sent to live with her Aunt Belle, a dark-skinned Métis woman. Kathryn is disdained to find out that her aunt owns a small run-down home on the outskirts of the white territory, has to work hard for everything she has, and is treated differently from the white people. She is even more disgruntled when she realizes she must help with the household chores.

As time passes, Kathryn sees the struggles of the Métis and how unfair it is that they are treated as trash, but for a long time she doesn’t think of herself as one of them. She thinks of her time in River Falls as temporary and hopes to return to her school in Toronto and go on to become a lawyer.

One aspect of River Falls, however, Kathryn finds intriguing: the story of the mysterious Highwayman who brings justice and fairness to the Métis. She hopes to solve the mystery of the Highwayman, but soon finds out that her aunt is involved. When the Highwayman is framed for a murder, he and Belle could be in danger, and it is up to Kathryn to help them.

This story details the hardships faced by the Métis in the early 1900s and the changes in Kathryn’s perspective towards her people. A good read for both children and adults, this book is the tale of a girl coming to love her family for who they are and cherish a simple country life in River Falls.


Vampire Academy, by Richelle Mead

Guest Review by Kayla Nye

Vampire Academy is the first book out of a six-book series. In this book series, there are three types of vampires. The strigoi are immortal but very dark and evil creatures. The Moroi are who the strigoi hunt, which is why there are dhampirs (which are half vampire half human) to protect the Moroi. However within the Moroi, there are special clans, who are considered Royals. Those are the ones the dhampirs really have to protect.

This book focuses on two main characters; Rose Hathaway, who is a dhampir, and her best friend Vasilisa Dragomir, and how their lives get sculpted back into the academy they had run away from.
This book is a terrific read; one you could finish in one sitting. It’s full of action, romance, drama and bits of comedy. Come check it out at the Dorchester Public Library, you won’t regret it!

Some of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy books.
Some of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy books.

Hex Hall , by Rachel Hawkins

Guest Review by ‘Phoenix’

Hex Hall was written by Rachel Hawkins. The book takes you on a thrill ride of magic and romance that rarely lets you down. Sophie, the main character, is being sent away to a prestigious and secret school that trains young witches. There she meets the love of her life, Archer, and slowly starts to fall deeply in love with him. However his ex-girlfriend and her two best friends are trying to ruin Sophie both in her school lie and love life. What no one knows about Sophie’s family is that there is a deep and dark secret that they have been keeping and only three people are aware of it. Her father is a high council chairman who has arranged for her to marry the groundskeeper of Hex Hall purely because of their family’s secret. Now being thrown into the strangest of places, she has to cope with having to live with a vampire roommate who loves the colour pink, her deepening feelings for the school’s number one hottest guy, the evil ex-girlfriend, a fiancé that she knows nothing about … and a family secret that she isn’t even aware of.