Europe in Autumn, by Dave Hutchinson

A spy thriller, a near-future science fiction adventure … a prophetic look at what follows the disintegration of the European Union under a rising tide of extreme nationalism and xenophobia …

Europe in Autumn is the first in a series about a fractured Europe in a world very like our own – a world after the devastation of a pandemic flu had led to a paranoid nationalism, with nations dividing and subdividing so rapidly that even citizens of a country can find it hard to keep track of just where they’re living. Recruited to a new career as spy and people-smuggler with a mysterious organization calling itself Les Coureurs des Bois, the protagonist, Rudi, a cook in eastern Europe when we first meet him, is drawn deeper and deeper into the mysteries underlying his world. Conspiracies within conspiracies, treachery, organized crime, a railway line that’s an independent state and a political power in Europe, the quest for a document that might reveal long-hidden secrets about the nature of the world, and Rudi’s increasingly desperate struggle to survive as he learns more than he should and employers and allies turn into enemies, make this a thriller hard to put down. If you enjoy Len Deighton and Alan Furst and other thrillers that combine action and suspense with intelligent stories and characters, as well as thoughtful science fiction, you should definitely pick up Europe in Autumn. We hope to have book two, Europe at Midnight, in the library soon.