The Art of Liberty Training for Horses, by Jonathan Field

Guest Review by Hannah Grant

Jonathan Field teaches the basics of his horse training methods in this book. With gentle consistency and a positive attitude, he practices natural horsemanship with a lot of focus on groundwork. Among other things, he teaches methods of gaining mutual respect with a horse. By establishing leadership, making his horses feel comfortable and relaxed, listening to them, and allowing them time and space to learn what he is asking from them, he has achieved great success with many different kinds of horses. They enjoy their time with him as much as he enjoys playing with them. Using only body language, he teaches his readers how to communicate with a horse. He also gives some step-by-step instructions for teaching a horse to perform several exercises while playing at liberty. As he mentions, even a well-trained, well-behaved horse can benefit from some natural horsemanship and groundwork.

Liberty training and groundwork can greatly strengthen your relationship with your horse. If you have ever dreamed of playing with your horse at liberty, running with a herd of horses, or riding a horse bareback and bridleless, then this book is for you!