Talking Books and Audiobooks in the Library

Did you know that your library has many titles in alternative formats for those with a print disability? Patrons unable to read regular or large print materials may be registered as “Talking Books” patrons, which enables them to borrow from a collection of works in other formats provided by CELA, the Centre for Equitable Library Access, formerly the loan department of the CNIB. Every library in the province now has a collection of books on DAISY CD for the use of Talking Books patrons, thanks to CELA, as well as some magazines in both English and French. Here in Dorchester we have one hundred titles in DAISY format, which, just like nearly all the rest of our books, can be shared among libraries. These are the bright yellow discs you may have noticed on our shelf. Soon we will also have a DAISY player, so that those who wish to try out the machine before deciding whether to invest in one of their own may do so. The DAISY discs will play on a regular CD player or computer; however, the DAISY player contains many more features to make navigating the book much easier. The DAISY collection and CELA electronic resources are available only to those with a print disability who are registered Talking Books patrons, since neither authors nor publishers are paid for material produced in this way. However, we have many other audiobooks which anyone can take out, and the regular audiobook collection is growing all the time.

Of course, Talking Books patrons can also access the regular audiobook collection of books on CD and Playaways (MP3 players pre-loaded with a single title) available in your local library or through holds from other branches, or downloadable audiobooks available through our Electronic Library catalogue. We can also help those unable to read print materials to obtain books directly from CELA.

If you or someone you know might benefit from our Talking Books service, why not come in to the library and find out more?