The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

Guest Post by Mary McClusky

One of the best-selling novels, The Fault in Our Stars, has recently been made into a movie that millions of people all over the world are obsessing over. The novel, written by John Green, was published only in 2012, and is now a must-read novel for teenagers and young adults. It is a story about a young girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is forced to attend a support group for cancer patients. She meets this happy, adventurous boy named Augustus Waters, and before they know it, they fall in love. Augustus teaches Hazel how to live life, and not let the cancer affect her. In the end of the novel, Augustus reveals to Hazel that his cancer has spread to his entire body, and he will soon pass away. This book is an inspiration to everyone who is fighting something in their life, as Augustus tells us that pain is inevitable in the world. I highly recommend this novel to everyone as it tells a story of romance, hope and happiness.