Hex Hall , by Rachel Hawkins

Guest Review by ‘Phoenix’

Hex Hall was written by Rachel Hawkins. The book takes you on a thrill ride of magic and romance that rarely lets you down. Sophie, the main character, is being sent away to a prestigious and secret school that trains young witches. There she meets the love of her life, Archer, and slowly starts to fall deeply in love with him. However his ex-girlfriend and her two best friends are trying to ruin Sophie both in her school lie and love life. What no one knows about Sophie’s family is that there is a deep and dark secret that they have been keeping and only three people are aware of it. Her father is a high council chairman who has arranged for her to marry the groundskeeper of Hex Hall purely because of their family’s secret. Now being thrown into the strangest of places, she has to cope with having to live with a vampire roommate who loves the colour pink, her deepening feelings for the school’s number one hottest guy, the evil ex-girlfriend, a fiancé that she knows nothing about … and a family secret that she isn’t even aware of.