London Eye, by Tim Lebbon

London Eye is book one of Toxic City, an action-packed, suspense-filled British post-apocalyptic dystopian series for teens. If you have a reader in your household who enjoyed The Hunger Games, send them to the library to check this out! The action centres around London, which is cut off from the rest of the world, supposedly after a terrorist attack that left it a toxic wasteland. Jack knows that’s not true and as he investigates, he gathers a group of allies who lost friends and family in the supposed attack. They get past the military blockade which uses lethal force to stop anyone entering or leaving, to discover that London isn’t the uninhabited ruin the government has told them, but that those few who survive within it have been terribly changed, some gaining powers that threaten to strip them of their humanity. Jack and his friends have to fight for their survival in this new world, while trying to discover the truth of the contagion that destroyed the city.

We also have book two, Reaper’s Legacy.