Tilt, by Ellen Hopkins

Guest Review by Kayla N.

Tilt is a poetic book by Ellen Hopkins. It is like poetry, but at a new level. The plot of this book is for three teenagers to somehow reconnect with their families and friends. They realize the values of a relationship, the hard way or easy way.

When Mikayla swears up and down that she is in love with some Dylan guy, reality soon kicks in when an unexpected surprise stirs the relationship.

Shane has just come out and is looking for new love. When he meets the man of his dreams, he soon discovers more in life, but with a fatal sickness in the family, how will Shane grip his sanity.

If you know what a normal, ordinary young girl is like, then you must have met someone like Harley. She is willing to exchange her personality with someone she completely isn’t in return. She’s willing to go high lengths to get what she wants.

Three stories combined in a story telling type of poetry. But what does it take to set things straight with their families? You will have to read the book to find out. And it can be checked out at the Dorchester Public Library.