Hope Restored

Hope Restored: The American Revolution and the Founding of New Brunswick, by Robert L. Dallison

New Brunswick historian Robert L. Dallison has written several books on NB’s military history, including A Neighbourly War, about the War of 1812. He’ll be speaking about that at the library’s annual History Night in October. This month’s book, though, is his work on the American Revolution and the important role it played in the creation of New Brunswick as a province. Hope Restored (the translation of our provincial motto, Spem reduxit) is a short but detailed account of how New Brunswick was formed as a new colony from the western part of the colony of Nova Scotia for the Loyalists fleeing persecution following the American Revolution and the formation of the United States. The first part of the book discusses the role of settlers from New England in nearly bringing Nova Scotia, as this was then, in on the revolutionary side. There’s a fair bit that is local history for us in this area, about the Eddy Rebellion and Fort Cumberland. This revolutionary tendency led to the decision of the crown to settle not only Loyalist refugees, but Loyalist regiments in what would become NB, particularly in the areas along the Saint John River. (You probably didn’t realize that Maugerville was a hotbed of rebel sentiment.) Dallison discusses the history of the many regiments both during and after the war, as well as important historic sites. The book contains a useful chronology of events, a bibliography, and a good index, making it not only an enjoyable and interesting read, but a useful small reference work and research tool.


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