Rural Delivery and Organic Gardening

This month’s book … is not. It’s almost spring; at least, it’s coming to that point in the year when we begin to feel that we’ve had enough of winter. The sap is running, the chickadees are beginning to make spring-like noises, and the gardeners among us are getting impatient. The library has subscriptions to a couple of magazines that you might want to chase away the last of the winter blues with. Rural Delivery is a farm and country magazine published here in the Maritimes. Remember when Harrowsmith was actually a magazine about rural life, before it became a “lifestyle”? Well, before Harrowsmith ever existed, there was Rural Delivery, and it’s still here and going strong, still publishing articles about and for farmers and small farms, the backyard gardener, woodlot owners, and folks who live here. It has garden articles, recipes, and all manner of interesting things to get you ready for spring.

Organic Gardening is an American garden magazine with an equally long history. It always has articles on both new and unusual vegetables and old favourites, on flowers, tools, recipes, and many practical techniques for the organic gardener. Both of these are great magazines to get you fired up for the digging season.