The Midnight Tunnel, by Angie Frazier

Ook’s pick for December is a mystery novel for children. It’s set in New Brunswick in 1904, and the detective is Suzanna Snow, daughter of hotel-keepers who want her to behave the way a proper young Edwardian lady should. Suzanna, however, aspires to be a detective like her uncle in Boston, and her habit of carefully observing and taking notes on everything she sees, as well as her natural curiosity, are always getting her into trouble, because her mind is always preoccupied with more important things than her chores around the hotel. A missing fortune, a missing child, and strange goings-on lead her deeper into trouble and a clash with her uncle when he shows up to take on the case. Suzanna’s notes and comments, including tongue-in-cheek rules and advice for aspiring detectives, appear at the beginning of each chapter. This is an excellent mystery for young readers, with a suspenseful mystery to keep the pages turning.