The Gatekeeper Series, by Anthony Horowitz

Guest Review by Malachi

Hello, my name is Malachi. I am reading the Gatekeeper series (the first of which is called Raven’s Gate), and I love the books, so I have decided to do a review for them. They are about five teenagers, four boys and a girl. They all have special powers to help save the world from an evil force called the Old Ones. They were defeated thousands of years ago by a trick, and trapped behind two “Gates”. But now, people have brought them back into the world. The five Gatekeepers have to come together to stop them.
Anthony Horowitz is a great writer who really knows how to keep readers in suspense. Every time I am done reading a chapter, I really want to read the next one. I hear there is another one coming out… I can’t wait!

p.s. from Ook: Anthony Horowitz is also the author of the popular Alex Rider series of novels about a teenage British spy, and was the creator of and chief writer for Foyle’s War, a British television mystery series set in Hastings during the Second World War.