Dorling-Kindersley Eyewitness Series

The publisher Dorling-Kindersley has a vast number of titles in its Eyewitness series of non-fiction books for young readers. These cover almost every topic imaginable. They’re designed to suit the needs of a variety of ages, too. Heavily illustrated, they combine larger-print short information captions (which will provide younger children with the basics), with small-print, more detailed, additional material that meets the needs of older readers. One problem with a lot of children’s non-fiction is inaccuracy. That’s not the case with DK’s Eyewitness books. They’re very well-researched. Ook has never found any errors in the material he has any background in, and they’re generally regarded as very reliable information sources.

The library has quite a few of these on topics including dinosaurs, dogs, horses, the First and Second World Wars, mythology, early man, evolution, music, rocks and gems, volcanoes, vikings, pirates, knights, medieval life … and more can be brought in from other libraries for almost any subject you’re interested in. Even adults find these books a useful introduction to a new subject.

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