The Search, by Nora Roberts

This new romantic thriller from the prolific Nora Roberts features a dog-trainer, a cabinet-maker, and a serial killer. It’s been very popular in the library lately. Ook doesn’t really read romantic thrillers very often (… wait, is Vicky Bliss a romantic thriller? Ook likes Vicky Bliss), so he can’t tell you much more than that.

Actually, he can. The story is set on a small island on the west coast of the U.S. The heroine, Fiona, is the only woman to have escaped from a serial killer almost a decade before, though he then murdered her policeman fiance and his dog in revenge. Now the killer is imprisoned and Fiona has a new life training dogs and volunteering in a local canine search and rescue group. Mutual attraction springs up between Fiona and the new man in town, a gruff cabinet-maker with a puppy who eats everything, but a copy-cat killer is targeting her.


One thought on “The Search, by Nora Roberts

  1. Geri

    I like romantic suspense, but I didn’t like this much. I found that the characters were very artificial. The hero and heroine seemed like bad actors who had been told that they were the romantic leads. There wasn’t any real feeling of them falling in love at all. I didn’t like the language, either. Characters using foul language should be done to have some dramatic point or to show something about the character. Every person in this book seemed crude without any purpose to it. Also, on a small island, would there really be a huge canine search and rescue unit? Would they really all go out to find a child missing for a few hours? In real life when you hear about these things on the news, it seems to take a very long time before official search and rescue is called in. It just didn’t seem very realistic.

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